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Castle Pietra/Sprechenstein  

Castle Pietra/Sprechenstein
Castel Pietra/Sprechenstein 1 A - 39040 Campo di Trens/Freienfeld
General description

The castle is located in a higher position than Reifenstein Castle to the southeast of Sterzing; it belonged to the Trautson family and is made up of a lower fortress and an upper keep and palace. It has been restored a number of times. A document dating 1241 speaks of the re-built castle. In 1775 the castle was inherited by the Auersperg family. During the Second World War it was seriously damaged by bombing, but thanks to the owners and the superintendence for the historical and artistic heritage of Trento, it was later restored meticulously. The castle can be visited only from outside.

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Stadtplatz 3, 39049 Sterzing, Italy
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